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What you will get from JAF Beauty?

Whether you are looking for single makeup brush products, seasonal promotions, or a complete cosmetic brush line, we will offer you the convenience, dependability, and quality.
Our expertise in component materials, broad selection of stock elements and wide range of specialty options makes JAF Beauty the ideal choice to partner with when seeking to create your own brush line. 

  • Branding Makeup Brush and Packaging Services
    We can help you establish branding. Contact us to create YOUR OWN brush line and build your brand's identity.

Chinese makeup brush supplier,offer various makeup brushes and cosmetic brushes at factory price

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Why choose JAF Beauty

From design and production, to custom branding and packaging, JAF Beauty are able to meet the quality, quantity, and competitive price points to satisfy the needs of an ever emerging global customer demand. JAF Beauty will surpass all your performance expectations.

Reason 1: 9 years Experience and Dependability 
With multi-type of brush styles to choose from, JAF Beauty can offer your company any number of component combinations. From specific fill material, shapes and colors, to the imprinting of your individual or corporate name and logo, we can assure you of your ultimate satisfaction.

Reason 2: Complete Custom Brush Lines 
JAF Beauty has a custom brush line that offers your customers a variety of brushes to meet the diverse and unique needs of cosmetic and art supply companies worldwide.   
We offer a full line of artist brushes, an expansive line of fill materials (brush hair), colors, logo imprinting and package sourcing.

  • 3 Colored handles in Stock and Custom any Handle Colors

  • More than 150+ Styles and Types of Brushes

  • Custom Packaging

Reason 3:Fast Sampling and production 

  • 48 hours sampling time if we have material in stock; 

  • 3-4 days delivery on most sampling orders; 

  • 2-3 Week Delivery on Most Orders ;

  • Drop Shipments Available ;

Reason 4:High Quality Components 
All JAF brushes are hand-crafted. The types of fill material (brush hair) available from our expansive list.

  • Custom Multi-color Brush Ferrules.

  • Natural and Synthetic Fill Material ,including: kolinsky sable hair, goat hair, pony hair, synthetic hair, taklon hair , etc.

  • Seamless Ferrules for Safety

  • Eco-friendly Wood handles

  • Individually packaged in protective bag with cardboard inserted in

  • Multi-styles and sizes available include rounds, paddle, flats, fans and liners.

Whether you’re looking for factory-direct prices, promo giveaways for your ad campaign, or special makeup brushes to sell as retail products, our team will be happy to help with every aspect of your project.