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Type Of Makeup Sponges

Jan 13, 2017

Faced with a wide variety of makeup sponges, how to choose? Makeup sponge has the following types:
1. detailed texture:
Almost no gap on the surface, very smooth to the touch. The sponge can wash in addition, there are foundations of function.
2. larger gaps:
This type of sponge to scrub features excellent, but due to a rough surface, damage to the skin, not often use it, otherwise it will leave a terrible hangover.
3. dry flat shape:
Looks smooth, thin slice, look very conspicuous, but it is made of wood pulp, water absorption is quite good.
4. Strip:
Surface texture is coarse and water absorption is not flat, but it has the advantage of going out and easy to carry.
Regardless of the sponges used here to remind that: SpongeBob can only be used up to two times a week. Otherwise, over many years, "rub down", the skin will become more rough.