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Makeup Brush Maintenance

Jan 13, 2017

Makeup brushes are usually expensive, so pay attention to the maintenance of the road.
Usually after each use, must Shun bristles with a paper towel, gently wipe the brush, remove residual color and makeup powder. Every two weeks, diluted shampoo, soak in warm water to clean, then rinse with cold water. After finishing brush flat and let them dry.
7 simple steps to clean makeup brushes
Brush like our hair needs a good care to remain bright and supple. Clean brush to clean makeup, dirty brushes with not only beautiful makeup, would also make the makeup look discount Oh!
Brush because of the different uses and different materials, cleaning frequency is not the same, here to teach you a simple method of judging: the higher the oil content of make-up brush, cleaning more often. Because is easy to attach dirt and grease residues to grow bacteria, making brushes using color more and more dirty and damage to healthy skin, so clean up is hard work. [1]
Correct cleaning steps
STEP1: cleansing water or brush with liquid pour the powder in the cover, about thin layer completely covering component adsorption brush dipped slightly dissolves make-up.
STEP2: using a natural shampoo in a pot mix bubbles, then brush fully mixed around in bubbles in the water.
STEP3: hold bristles in the Palm, with repeated grasping, finesse, residue of dirt and makeup brush hair completely out.
STEP4: again in the end of the brush, and most frequently in touch with cosmetic parts, carefully clean again.
STEP5: Finally, rinse the hair brush and clean water basin all residual cleaning agent for cleaning brush.
STEP6: If the brush becomes too dry because of the cleaner, with a small amount of conditioner, a little streamlining hair tail, and again to rinse clean.
STEP7: some tissue or a good absorbent towel, cover the bristles pressing times, make the water being sucked dry, flat on the ventilation and shade.
TIPS: the usual maintenance method
Brush: brush with most dyed colors you want, time is finished, simply brush with a paper back and forth above the flat brush, brush the color no longer occurs.
Lip brushes: lip brush not often cleaned, otherwise it will make the bristles lose elasticity, directly on the paper after each use clean residual lipstick on swab.