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Makeup Brush

Jan 13, 2017

Specializing in the brush about Division of thrush eyebrow brush, draw eye shadow eye shadow, eye liner, eye folding brush, lip brush, powder brush, formerly large, medium and small three brushes all the time has passed. But with so many tools, can not completely replace the traditional makeup tools? Powder, cotton she simply abandoned without Park? The answer is no. To makeup in the most important of steps "playing Foundation" for cases, puff remains uniform open Foundation best of appliances, but last Shang finished honey powder Hou, again with big honey painted put face Shang extra of painted off, whole makeup capacity will more natural, so brush with and yiqian everyone with used of other tool, should is complement each other of good helper, and not to new of things replaced old some habits.
With time of over, times of changes, many brush of function are has has new of interpretation, took playing Foundation for cases, yiqian traditional of Foundation brush are is flat shape, powder has contact skin more thoughtful, used side of way, is brush side contact face, now, with makeup technology of constantly progress, makeup products of constantly update, brush of style and function also replacement has, now playing Foundation, main was adopted is most popular of is flat brush has, both can playing powder Foundation, also can playing cream-like Foundation, Techniques are no longer used to brush the side, instead of using brushes plug technique, part of using a flat brush, maofeng soft and delicate, natural symmetry Foundation, most popular now is this. Of course, businesses also have been innovation, new flat angled Foundation brush, also in production, will be even more powerful.