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Make-up Sponge Using Methods

Jan 13, 2017

MM used makeup, makeup sponges is an indispensable good helper. It when washing up, cleaning, and can even push liquid Foundation, fix skin Foundation color. Small series to introduce the following makeup sponge to use, hope that works for you!
Make-up sponge using methods
Coated powders, honey powder powder makeup when it is reliable.
Often used to apply liquid Foundation.
To apply liquid Foundation with it nor not, apply cream Foundation, skin care products are in favor of it.
Hands clenched his fist and then release it, sponge bounce and give the reaction of the Palm, such as cotton candy are soft; QQ strong sugar-compact.
Three types of sponge most versatile
Soft medium triangle, teardrop-shaped or oval makeup sponges, are living in the most versatile, easy to shape.
Square, circle, triangle
Medium pine
Powder, paste-like products
Super cheap sponge but have unexpected effects, good elasticity, because it is not too thin, buys a package which was supposed to take the three bags of money have a variety of shapes.
A little thin, feels not so good.
Round flat trim
Liquid products
Its texture is very fine, firm and elastic upper hand in the tight class powder puff, the exact size of the cans of cream.
Hard point, wipe the skin pulls.
Tight medium
Powdered and liquid products
Because there is no bending of the triangle, with a size handy and apply liquid Foundation will not be eating a lot at a time.
Pointed toes painted details perfect, but because it is too thin, is easier to slag off bad.
Medium pine
Creamy blush, eye shadow
Want to paint a good creamy blusher, eye shadow, and lack of professional practices, afraid of troubles drop comrades must have it!
But not generally eat powdered na!
Sponge is not "small is useless"
Makeup sponges sizes.
Small and thin make-up sponge is not "small elephant", not oversized sponge also with waste, different sized sponges in fact carry out their duties:
Large: three beauty or similar MAKE UP FOREVER sponges so big, perfect for cheeks, forehead and other big area painting or when washing flapping.
Medium: a common size, better.
Mini: a small a to apply eye concealer, eye shadow, treatment details, it is most handy!
Really good sponge is not easy to pull off
Judge sponge's main criteria: pull on both sides to see how easily broken, toughness.