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Lip Stick Lip Brush makeup brush manufacture

Jun 14, 2017

Lip Stick Lip Brush  makeup brush manufacture

How to buy lip brush?

◆ bristles to feel soft and smooth, compact structure full

◆ with your fingers grip the bristles, gently down the comb, check the bristles are easy to fall off

◆ Brush the brush on the back of the hand, draw a semicircle, check the bristles cut is neat

◆ with hot air blowing hair to distinguish the type: to maintain the original shape of animal hair, hair curling is man-made fiber

How to use lip brush?

Apply lipstick, be sure to start from the lower lip. In the painted lip line, from the inside out a little smear evenly. Lower lip coated, and then in accordance with the same method applied upper lip.

Apply lip gloss with lip gloss, the intensity should not be too much, do not let the hair twisted too much, so as not to break off.