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How To Use Makeup Brushes

Jan 13, 2017

Enthusiastic make-up MM, most thin makeup brush in hand, on these dazzling beauty brush, you know how to use it? Together to find out.
 First, if you are new to makeup

As the primary combat experience for you, simple and easy to operate so heavily used and the brush is necessary for your weapon.

Blush brush:

Ruddy good color can make you younger. To avoid uneven color of paint thick, brush or suppression techniques that are available, and a small amount of makeup on the way to repeating several times, so it can let you have a good color and not worry about dipping and cheek caused by too much embarrassment, blush brush can also be used as a powder brush, a dual-use so why not.

Eyebrow brush:

Nice eyebrows can make your makeup look full of icing. With eyebrow pencil thrush after using the brow brush dipped in brow powder, gently brush swab along the eyebrow growth direction, fill amount gap between the eyebrows, also allow eyebrow lines and soft, more natural eyebrow.

Eyeliner brush:

Meet beautiful liner lets you instantly have your own eye and bright eyes. After dipped in eyeliner, eyeliner lightly on the back of the drive, this can avoid too much eyeliner on eyes uneven, as long as you use the tip gently on the eyelash gaps to fill and pull backward.

Second, if you are a makeup expert

As a senior makeup master must, of course, has its own special talents, master the skills of a few not-so-common brush is essential to you.

Foundation brush:

Perfect makeup depends on the natural makeup without leaving any traces. Dipped in a small amount of liquid Foundation starting from the cheek, from the Center to the sides, from the bottom up, brush on the liquid Foundation evenly and brushes when not overweight, so as to avoid brush marks appear. Because of the detail the nose skin is smooth and Foundation brush angle is 90 degrees, from the bridge of the nose to the brush, which can cover the nose pores, brush brush to blow when the nose, you can brush to a smaller location. And the first position by the Central lateral brush to the side opening, according to skin texture brushes, not fine lines, parts cannot be brushed close to the bun too thick, so as not to cause a color difference.

Powder brush:

Gentle makeup makeup to stand for 8 hours. Full face in circular light sweep effect powders can be polished on the way, let the skin shine fully, cover parts available flip fix.

Eye shadow brush:

Make eye makeup layer full. Wanted to show the strong degree of eye shadow can also be used pressure tactics, and eye shadow for a layered effect depends largely on the strength of the light and heavy, so the eye shadows don't want to go, should be based on the way a few times slowly stack painted to show exquisite stereo eye makeup.