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How To Make Cosmetic Sponge To Clean Like New!

Jan 13, 2017

Many parents complain of makeup sponge wash are not clean at all, because the sponge dipped in liquid Foundation is dirty, no times will be discarded. Use makeup remover to clean, but no matter how much make up Remover, sponge is dirty, the following small series taught some simple way to quickly clean the sponge.
 1. to cook a pot of boiling water, must be very hot very very hot, not cold water Oh!

2. during the period of waiting for water to boil, prepare a not discarded toothbrushes, there is also a water Cup, (to put to wash the cotton).

3. Cup dishwashing detergent into the water (under the detergent dosage is about 1~2)

4. waiting for water to boil, pour the boiling water into the water in the glass, then place the sponge into the boiling water.

5. we can gently with a toothbrush to brush the sponge is dirty side because the water is very hot, so use a toothbrush clean and not so easy to scald and clean.

6. brush for a few minutes, sponge clean than ever very much!

7. Finally soaking with detergent foam and then washed with water (attention to washing sponges, don't rub, gently press can clean)

Want to clean makeup sponge is very easy, as long as a few tricks, boiling water and detergent to clean!