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Egg Of Beauty Or Makeup Sponge Who Is Makeup Good Help?

Jan 13, 2017

Makeup for many fashionistas already was pretty normal, but how to makeup at the end of the more professional you have thought about it? Perfect makeup in addition to choose for the Foundation, a necessary gadgets are the secrets of winning!
 Egg of beauty benefits:

1. makeup triangle sponges or docile, delicate makeup without leaving a trace.

2. the product is not wasted, don't eat makeup (friend with a triangular sponge should be found, at least half are sponges to suck, to be wasted. Brush a little better, but also eat makeup) 3. makeup can be very clear, docile, thin 4. wet (wet after use it to dip powder, liquid Foundation, cream could be used) 5. reusable (well maintained for several months no problem) disadvantages:

1, the price is generally a sponge pricing 3-4 times, really expensive, for a few months myself.

2, cleaning difficulty, after all, it left a lot of makeup.
 Makeup sponge sponge to wet the end of play. Since there are more traps Foundation, is suitable for use with Foundation cream, Foundation cream.

Advantages: easy to use, full face paint, or local point concealer.

Shortcoming: adsorption of larger, more suitable for use with Foundation cream, Foundation cream.

Suggestions: sponge more easily, making note that the cleaning sponge. Remember they use old replacement sponges in a timely manner.