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Classification Of The Makeup Brush

Jan 13, 2017

Wide range of brushes. For everyday make-up, according to personal makeup used to mix. But there is a necessary basic configuration 6 brush: powder brush, Concealer brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush.
Powder brush: sweep the powder makeup with silk texture, face makeup is more clean and durable.
Concealer brushes: fine brush to brush to reach areas cover more even, natural effect.
Blush brush: brush out the natural arc of blush shading shadows, perfect to highlight facial contours.
Eye shadow brushes: wide range. Need eyeshadow brushes of different sizes for different eye outline method.
Eyebrow brushes: with brow powder, and can draw a natural eyebrow shape. More strength and shade of eyebrow pencil is easier to control.
Lip brush: precise outlines the lips, the lips full color uniform, more durable.
Foundation brush: used to apply liquid Foundation, brush and liquid Foundation requirements are relatively high.
Facial contour brush: features brush head at a 45-degree, similar to the size of a blush brush, brush hair is thicker.