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New Design OEM Angled Eye Shadow Brush makeup brush supply

Jun 11, 2017

New Design OEM Angled Eye Shadow Brush  makeup brush supply

Teach you how to paint eye shadow

Large eye shadow brush stained pink eye shadow brush in the upper eyelids around the back and forth blooming, and then dip pink brown eye shadow repeat again.

And then select the round head of the eye shadow brush light brown eye shadow To "(" the shape of the upper and lower blooming.

Finger pulp dipped in champagne golden eye shadow pressed in the yellow area, that is, above the eye.

Then choose a small eye shadow brush dipped in champagne golden eye shadow sweep in the range of silkworm, and then dip light brown eye shadow in the lower corner of the eye back and forth blooming.

With a waterproof eyeliner glue all-inclusive eyeliner, eye tail slightly up, and then use a small eyeliner brush eyeliner edge gently blooming open.

Choose a eyebrow pencil draw a good eyebrows, brow part of the gently start to draw a few hair, eyebrows focus on strengthening the color look.

Folder Alice eyelashes, for the upper and lower eyelashes paste false eyelashes, brush mascara can be. The.