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Why You Absolutely Need to Apply Foundation With a Makeup Brush

Jan 20, 2018

If you're still applying foundation with your fingers, it's time to stop.

Using a makeup brush not only makes your foundation look flawless.and thin ground of foundation fluid better, do not agglomerate, evenly spread on the face, very good protruding foundation liquid the water run feeling and burnish feeling.

You can also prevent the bacteria in your hands from clogging your pores.

Having a foundation brush can indicate the difference between a perfectly flawless face and a dull look.


Choosing the right tool is as important as the makeup itself.Professional makeup tools make the makeup more quick and easy, and the makeup works more closely.

Today, we will provide you with a multi-tasking tool that is worth investing in your cosmetic box:




Name:   Round Foundation Brush/ Face Blender Brush 


Item #:12STYF 


Bristle: Synthetic hair 


Ferrule:Strong Aluminum 


Handles: Wood 


Pouch: PVC Bag With Inserted Card 


Size: Diameter 12mm x Length 160mm 


Applied On:Face / Cheek / contour

*The brush 12STYF  Arc round of design can make facial skin evenly, make-up brush head material selection synthetic fiber texture is soft hard moderate, feel soft, shading sex is strong, and it a sense of gentle brush don't pull the skin injury.Is a very easy to use the foundation brush, easy to create natural and thin makeup effect.

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