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What is the difference between the original brush and the imitation brush?

Apr 11, 2018

The so-called genuine is the original store of the original single goods, stores often discount promotions, online store to take this opportunity to purchase, in fact, the authentic shop is the use of different parts of the different goods, as well as the same price in different places to do business Difference.

Makeup brush is the original single brush is the original production of the imitation of this is a high imitation of the original single brush is the original production of defective products and then the big brands do not need to do so and then low-cost manufacturers.

In terms of quality can not say that the original single brush must be better than imitation brush, but in general is the case, because the imitation is difficult to achieve the original process, sometimes the original single brush also refers to the defective goods, but the overall feeling in the use of the general Better than imitation brush.