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veteran makeup artist refuses to speak Makeup skill lazy woman needs learning

Aug 24, 2017

veteran makeup artist refuses to speak Makeup skill

lazy woman needs learning

Women can be lazy, but not without makeupIf you are lazy, pay attention to your appearance.It's like the phraseA girl who likes smiling won't  have a bad luck.Women who make up tend to be too lucky,Give yourself a beautiful and light makeup before going out, not only more attractive, but also make yourself more confident.




A good light makeup will make you more energetic,So how do we make a light makeup.Now, let me share with you a tutorial on the makeup of a veteran makeup artist. It only takes you 5 minutes to make it easy to learn.


Step 1: moisturize before makeup



In order to make your makeup look more natural,,It's best to moisturize your skin before putting on makeup,so that you won't get stuck.

Step 2: Primers before makeup



Many beginners ignore this important step before applying makeup,It's just before you put  Foundation on your makeup.Protect skin pore is small, convenient makeup is more natural.


Step 3: block defect




Whoever it is, there will always be some blemish on the faceSo rely on the concealer to remove these flaws, with the brush in the area of the concealer pat, can easily cover up.

Step 4: thrush




The formation of eyebrow eyebrow type is very important, it will affect whole makeup look directlyIt is mainly based on the shape of your face to draw the right eyebrow shape.


Step 5: eye shadow



Eye shadow in the light makeup is to play the role of ornament, if your department is good at drawing eyeliner, then can use eye shadow belt to make the eye look bigger and more energetic.


Step 6: calm makeup


                   image.png  image.png

Powder is an important step,The makeup with powder after powder has a matte feeling, the skin feels more smooth also.


Step 7: apply lipstick


Wearing no lipstick will make you look Listless.pply a pink lipstick to yourself, both sexy and attractive, and your femininity.