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usually 6 mistakes in making eye shadow The eye shadow technique get

Sep 06, 2017

usually 6 mistakes in making eye shadow

The eye shadow technique get

Seven mistakes that are common in painting eye shadow:

*Disorderly add the powder

Some people think "eye shadow must blink", actually the eye shadow that glitter has already passed, the eye makeup now emphasizes strengthen eye outline just.If you like flash eyeshadow, you can choose to touch the eye shadow powder with your finger, and tap the center of your eye and the middle of your eye.


*The wrong color

When many people choose color eye shadow, just see what to wear for the day, this is not wrong, but sometimes the color is not everything, some color is difficult to control, unless you are a master, or else only with their own color, temperament with eye shadow color.


*Use a sponge stick for eye shadow

Many eyeshadow boxes come with a small sponge that allows you to use eye shadow during your trip.However, to draw a truly delicate eye makeup, you must rely on a makeup brush.The sponge eye shadow stick can only allow your eyelids to have a disposable eyeshadow powder, while the eyeshadow brush allows you to paint with eye shadow, creating a natural eye makeup.


*Eye shadow does not get dizzy

A lot of people use eye shadow now is to dip the sponge head that comes with inside to apply eyeshadow on the eyelid to endThere is no transfection, so the color of the eye shadow that is drawn is not a transition, it will be one of the effect, looks not good looking and very rusticThe motion of eye shadow is very important, dizzy opens the junction of the color and the outer edge, so that it will look natural and comfortable.


*Eye makeup only paints eye shadow

Eye makeup only USES eye shadow without matching eyeliner and eyelash creams, look like without drawing makeup, give a person to feel very strange.Actually collocation of eyeliner and eyelash creams don't need to draw too heavy, but must draw, otherwise eye still can look laziness.So if you're going to paint with eye shadow, go with the full eye makeup.


*No specially eye shadow brushes are used

makeup Brush is really a good makeup look bring different effect, the inside of the eye shadow box sponge stick is travel or via the emergency, the effects of creating compared with special eye shadow brush will be much worse, so the investment a good brush or very be necessary.