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Mar 27, 2018


Nothing shouts 'Confidence!' more than wearing a bold lipstick with pride. In just a few swipes, you can feel like a Hollywood movie star, whether you're going for a classic Marilyn Monroe look or a sultry Penelope Cruz.


But when a quick glance in the mirror reveals the dreaded lipstick on your teeth or uneven fading, strong lips can feel like too much hassle. Don't give up! You can still rock that lipstick with style.


Armed with your favourite lippie, you can learn some prep, application, and touch-up tips to ensure you have the perfect pout all day long.


Few other makeup items are as feminine as lipstick. Whether you're flaunting a classic red lip, rocking a '90s-inspired grunge brown, or opting for a subtle nude, lipstick is your key to confidence and feel-good makeup.


Women have been painting their lips since Ancient Egyptian times, and whilst lip colour goes up and down in popularity, it always comes back up. Looking back through history, lipstick has always been popular when women have had freedom and deemed controversial during times of oppression. So it's important to wear a strong lip as a badge of courage!


Whilst the general concept of lipstick has always stayed the same, improvements in formula, packaging, and ingredients have changed the game a bit. A vast selection of colours, like never seen before, is now available to everyone.



How do I make thin lips look more full?



You can find lipsticks in all sorts of formulas and finishes. Whether you prefer a lip cream, a liquid lip, a matte lip, or a sheer lip, the industry is constantly innovating. Let's just say it's a very exciting time to be a makeup-lover!


However, with more choices available, there's also more room for mistakes. Luckily, we're here to share our top tips and recommendations to give you that perfect pout all day long.


Choosing the right lip colours for your complexion AND your natural lip size and shape is crucial to a flattering look. Lipstick can be used to completely redefine your lips for a bolder pout.


If you have thin lips, you can read our guide 'How Do I Make Thin Lips Look Fuller?', which has all our best application tips and tricks to give the illusion of plumper and fuller lips. We've also got a selection of some of our favourite lipstick shades to choose from, whether you want a nude, coral, or light pink.


If you have thick lips, you're the envy of many! However, you still need to think carefully about which lipstick shades to go for to flatter your plump lips. Have a read through 'Which Lipstick Shade Should I Use If I Have Thick Lips?' for tips on how to draw the best attention to your lips. You'll also find some shade recommendations that will play up your pout without overwhelming your face.