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Mar 20, 2018


People have been hiding perceived flaws since way back in the history books. Concealer has been a makeup-bag essential as long as it's been around.


Nowadays, you can do much more with concealer than cover up blemishes. You can sculpt your face, brighten a tired complexion, neutralise discolouration of the skin, and camouflage even the darkest birthmark or tattoo.


If you want to learn more about how to use concealers expertly and find the right products, we've got you covered.



Is It Better to Use a Lighter or Darker Concealer?



If you ask any makeup-lover to name the products she couldn't live without, you can be sure that there would be a resounding nod to concealer. Concealer is your best friend if you want to cover dark circles and blemishes, brighten your complexion, and even mask birthmarks and tattoos.


Concealing marks and blemishes became popular back in the 16th century—but not with cosmetics. Wealthy women applied silk and velvet patches to hide facial imperfections. The shape of a patch signified different things. A concealment could indicate you were married, single, or a mistress!

Nowadays, flaws are hidden more discreetly. Makeup is applied and blended to look as natural as possible. Whilst concealers used to be just for coverage, such products are now commonly used to brighten areas of the face and make skin look fresh and awake.