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Mar 26, 2018


Want to meet your brow goals? You’ve got to know what they are! Rather than trying to copy your favourite celeb brows, it's better to figure out which brows are best for YOU.


Your eyebrows frame your face. Just as you would match a frame to a picture, you need to match your brows to your face shape. Whether you have a long face, a round face, or a heart-shaped face, you can have gorgeous brows. There's an eyebrow design that works for every face.


Ready to get started? Here's your ultimate guide to brows.



Eyebrow How-To: What Does Brow Gel Do?



Ready to have the best brows of your life? It’s time to figure out your face shape and the eyebrow style that looks perfect on you.


Not sure of your face shape? Never fear! Here’s everything you need to know.


How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

Want to know your face shape? Grab a ruler! First, measure the length of your face from the bottom of your chin to your hairline. Divide this number by three and write down the result. This final number is your 'golden number'.

Second, starting at the same point on your chin, measure to the bottom of your nose. Write down the measurement. Compare this number to the golden number.

  • If these numbers are the same, your face is oval.

  • If your measurement is less than the golden number, you have a round face.

  • If your measurement is more than the golden number, you have a long face.

Easy, huh? Now, let’s find your ideal brows!