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Types of Bristles

Jun 28, 2017

Types of Bristles

Makeup brush bristles come in two types: natural hair and synthetic.

Bristle types

Natural Hair Bristles

Natural hair bristles are sourced from animals — commonly goats and horses. We encourage consumers to look for companies that are environmentally friendly and obtain the hairs in a cruelty-free manner.

The perks of natural hair brushes include the following:

  • They’re softer on the skin.

  • They absorb oil from the skin.

  • They contain a cuticle that’s perfect for picking up powder products.

  • They distribute pigment evenly across the face.

  • They blend makeup smoothly on the skin.

Synthetic Bristles

Synthetic bristles are made of microfiber materials like nylon and polyester.

  • The bristles hold tightly together to help create a sharp, clean, streak-free line in one swipe.

  • Their lack of a cuticle means they don’t soak up and waste liquid and cream products.

  • They are perfect for basic eyeshadow brushes.

  • They make great foundation and concealer brushes.


JAF’s custom manufacturing services were established to meet the diverse and unique needs of cosmetic and art supply companies worldwide. We produce high quality, custom brush lines with dedication customer service.


With over 150+ available styles in stock , JAF Beauty offer customers more versatility and selection when creating a high-end custom brush. We can also offers its customers an expansive line of fill materials (brush hair), brush sizes, colors, logo imprinting and package sourcing.

Please inform us the following information, including:

  • Shape of brush, 

  • Hair Material, 

  • Handle Material, 

  • Furrule Material

  • Package etc, 

We will follow your instructions and sampling the brushes as you required. Then , we will send the samples to you to check the quality.

After your confirmation, we wil start the production.