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Top 7 Eyebrow Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Jan 20, 2018

Top 7 Eyebrow Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Eyebrows help frame your face, balance your features and define your eyes. When you first meet someone you look at their eyes, therefore eyebrows cannot be ignored. There are a variety of shapes and it is important to find the right shape that suits your face most. If you are nervous about shaping your eyebrows yourself, go to a professional. Once you have the right shape you will only have to maintain it.  So our first tip is that if you have naturally full eyebrows don’t over-pluck them. Read on to see more basic rules and common mistakes that will help you with ideas on how to shape your eyebrows.

1:Never Pluck Your Eyebrows Before Shower

2:Avoid Over-Plucking

3:Be Careful With Eyebrow Tattoo It Looks Unnatural

4:Always Choose Eyebrow Color That Matches Your Hair Color Avoid Too Dark and Too Thick

5:Don’t Over-Emphasize and Don’t Draw Harsh Lines


6:Don’t Pluck Them Too ShortDon’t Pluck Them Too Short

7:Avoid This Mistake: Too Long Eyebrows


And finally, to find the perfect shape for your eyebrows, here is one simple explanation how to do it.

Get a pen and line it up with the side of your nose and have it pointing straight up. That is the start of your eyebrow.

Keep the pen on the side of the nose and tilt it to the side a little so it goes over the center of the eye. There should be the arch.

While still holding one end of the pen on the side of the nose, point the line from the tip of your nose, to the end of your eye and then to your eyebrow. That is where eyebrow should end.