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Tips on Buying a Foundation Brush

Oct 21, 2017

Tips on Buying a Foundation Brush

· According to the reviews, brushes which come with both long and short hair are better equipped to fill-in cosmetics into the skin. They can almost give you an air-brushed look.

· If you go to any departmental store or shop which keeps beauty products, you will find kabuki brushes. They have a short stem and their head is flat. These are the favorite choice of make-up artistes for applying powder based foundation. Due to their small size and flat shape, they are very apt at applying concentrated amounts in a prominent blunt curve.

· Brushes which come in the shape of a cat's tongue, i.e., flat brushes with round tips are best for powder foundation. For application, you will have to blend outwards from your nose to the ears.

· For liquid foundation, stippling brushes are your best bet. They come with sparse hair and are hence excellent for buffing in a circular motion. They blend the liquid in the skin very well and unlike other cheaper quality brushes, do not give out the appearance of streaks on the skin.