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This Easy Hack Gives You Perfect Brow Symmetry

Jan 30, 2018


I know it might sound a bit crazy to some of you, but sometimes I spend up to 15 minutes making sure my brows are just right – they’re super important to me! Eyebrows are one of your defining facial features, and perfectly balanced brows can make a massive difference to your look. Trying to make our brows look like sisters is difficult enough most of the time, but using an eyebrow ruler – yep, it’s a real thing – is the answer to turning them into identical twins, I swear!

How to use a brow ruler:

So, to start with you need to identify the center of your face and align the ruler so that it sits just above your brows. To make it easier, you can tape it in place so that it doesn’t move (I don’t know why they don’t come with an elasticated strap around your head)! You’ll probably now realize that your brows don’t even start in the same place – this is totally normal, almost nobody’s brows meet the middle in the same place, and one will usually be closer in than the other. The first thing you want to do is fill one of them in so that they start in the same place – once you do that it will create so much harmony, you won’t believe. A little tip: if you have a slightly wider nose, you can bring your brows in slightly closer together, and it will make your nose appear slimmer (check out more nose slimming tips here).

Once you’ve got your brows matching on the inner corner, use the ruler to make sure they’re also finishing in the same place. So, if your left brow ends at number 8 on the ruler and the other finishes at number 9, then draw a little extra on the left brow to make sure it also finishes at 9. You can also pinpoint where your brows arch and correct them with a brow pencil so that they both arch in the same place, but even just making sure they’re the same length will conquer so much!

How to map out the shape of your brows:

You can also try the Golden Ratio to map out where your brows should naturally begin, arch, and end to best frame your face. Once you’ve marked these, you can make sure they match up evenly on either side with your ruler. Most of us naturally don’t have symmetrical faces, but this ratio x ruler method will make sure your brows are perfectly-placed twins.


Line 1 for finding your starting point: Start at the middle of your nostril and go vertically up to see where your brow should begin.

Line 2 for pinpointing your arch: This should start at the center of the tip of your nose, and go directly through your iris (the center of your eye). The spot that it hits your brow should be the highest point of your arch.

Line 3 for judging the end of your brow: The line should begin at the side of your nostril, touch the outside corner of your eye, and where it ends is where your brow should finish.