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The MUST-HAVE makeup brushes

Dec 15, 2017

When applying makeup, the aid of the cosmetics tool is better for facial expression.Just like the water molecules that the body needs every dayIt's a very important thingDifferent color makeup tools use in different body parts, have special outstanding effect.

For the girl who just touched the make-upNo technology is not scary, and the scary thing is that you choose the wrong color makeup toolMake your face look like a mess.


What colour makeup tool choose how to suit?What color makeup tools can't be used in these parts? 

These are all places to learn, and below, Xiao J will show you the special makeup tools that a new makeup person should have.

Essential tool one: beauty makeup egg


    Beauty makeup egg is the upgrade of makeup sponge, also is the important tool that colour makeup is indispensable.The biggest difference with a makeup sponge is that,The circular makeup egg pore is small, can take care of each corner skin, make colour makeup to fit the skin better.

     In addition, the use of makeup egg is more, can be used to bottom, discharge makeup, replenish the gap of eyebrow.Whether it's a novice or a veteran, you should have a makeup tool.

Essential tool TwoEye shadow brush


The eye shadow brush can be used to outline the eye makeup look can also be used to shape the nose shadowIt can help the eye shadow brush over the eyes, and the effect will be more .

Necessary tools three Foundation brush



When using foundation, you can use a foundation brush to make the foundation of your face more fit.At the same time the foundation brush can be flexible to control the uniformity of the foundation, can create a fine thickness uniform bottom makeup.


This shape is close to the design of the toothbrush, and the hand grip feels comfortableFashion and versatilityThe brush head is an oval design with soft and fine fiber woolBe able to apply makeup quickly and without dead Angle in all corners of the skinBecause the wool of the foundation brush is very thickSo the brush has a special comfortable look on your face.

No matter what you do, it is a process of transformation from not understanding to learning.If you want to be on the starting line, learn to use other reliable tools.

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