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The makeup brushes maintenance tips

Oct 21, 2017

The makeup brushes maintenance tips


It is very important to keep your makeup brush clean so that bacteria does not build up on it.

· If you are planning on buying a high-end one, most of them come with a conditioning shampoo, which is meant for cleaning purposes.

· They can be easily cleaned with a baby shampoo too.

· The best way to clean makeup brushes is to dip them in olive oil and then put them under running water. After that, they should be dipped in the shampoo, rubbed gently and then rinsed in cold water.

Following this method once a week will ensure that there is very less shedding of

hair and that the brush lasts for a very long time.

The main advantage of using the brushes vis-a-vis sponges is that they work

equally well with dry, liquid, and cream cosmetics, providing full skin

coverage. Any problem areas on the skin such as spots or creases of the noses,

which have become slightly dark, can be easily covered by applying this makeup

through brushes on the skin. Their biggest advantage is that if they are taken care

of properly, they last for years. So if you desire flawless facial skin, invest in a

good quality brush.