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Nov 04, 2017

I like to think I’m pretty up to date on the latest and greatest beauty products out there, but when it comes to makeup brushes I’m admittedly a few steps behind. I’m all about the instant gratification you get from finding a new foundation or lip color that suits you perfectly, which is certainly not something to take for granted. Makeup brushes just don’t do it for me though. I’m working to change my lack of brush enthusiasm after continually hearing how crucial they are to your makeup routine. It seems like beauty websites have been inundated with articles questioning makeup artists on the importance of a good brush and when to use which kind lately. So I figured it’s finally time to ditch my careless brush ways and revamp my collection. Not only is there a type of brush  (flat, round, fan, etc) for whatever product you’re applying,  there’s a million versions of each type.JAF Customized Makeup Brush helps declutter the saturated market with their list of the 12 best makeup brushes for tackling every beauty need. JAF does some further investigating and finds the best brushes for your budget, and their inside expert knowledge is pretty crazy – who knew there was so much behind a makeup brush?