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The 2 Makeup Brushes Everyone Should Have In Their Beauty Arsenal

Sep 16, 2017

The 2 Makeup Brushes Everyone Should Have In Their Beauty Arsenal


When I think "makeup," my mind instantly goes to eyeshadow palettes. And lipstick. Basically any colorful products I can put on my face. great makeup application begins with using the right tools. But with so many different kinds of makeup brushes on the market these days, where do you even begin? Before looking at types of brushes, there are two basic qualities to look for: what the bristles are made from and how densely they're packed.

Synthetic versus Natural

The general rule here is to use a synthetic brush if you intend to use cream or liquid products with it. Natural hair will absorb moisture from the product, hindering the application onto your skin. Natural hair (usually goat, squirrel, sable, or badger) tends to hold and deposit powder better


The density of a brush has to do with how many bristles are packed into the ferrule (the metallic part that connects the handle to the hairs). The denser the brush is, the more product it will be able to hold and deposit. You'll generally want denser brushes for foundation, powder, and eyeshadow application. Less-dense brushes are good for blush, bronzer, and highlighter application, as well as blending purposes.

1. Flat-Top Kabuki or Buffing Brush


Flat-top Kabukis or buffing brushes are great for applying foundation. Either works for both liquid and powder types. Use a them in a circular motion for totally even full coverage.


2. Powder Brush



Of course, a powder brush can be used for powder makeupBut it can also be used to apply bronzer.And if you pinch the bristles together to form a line, it can easily be used to contour.