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Sep 16, 2017


What It Does: The Beauty JAF Tapered Kabuki Brush is your new concealer brush! The tapered angle is designed to provide coverage in hard to reach areas, such as the eyelid, corner of the eye and under eye, for a complete flawless finish.The bristles are dense, so they will not soak up excess amounts of product which makes your product last longer, makes your brush easier to clean, which ultimately means less bacteria transferring from your brush to your skin.


Details You Need to Know:

High Density Synthetic Taklon Bristles - Vegan Friendly

Solid Wood Handle

Double Crimped Copper Ferrule

Does Not Shed

Works with all Makeup: Creams, Liquids, Minerals, & Powders


Quick Tip: Need heavier coverage for your problem spots? Apply your foundation FIRST, and then apply concealer on top of it. Since many people buff out their foundation, and concealer is generally applied first, you can essentially buff off some of that concealer in the process of applying your foundation. Moving that application step after foundation application will leave more concealer on the areas you want to cover!