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real techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Sep 12, 2017

real techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Never again will you miss a spot or have an uneven jawline (awkward!). With these seven makeup sponges providing professional, ev en coverage, your face has never looked so flawless.


the original Beauty Blender

Real Techniques't-purpose tool covers all the bases. Its rounded side blots larger areas until fully blended,the flat edge can be used for contouring,and the precision tip tackles any hard-to-reach areas.Getting gorgeous has never been so easy.


Who are JAF Beauty

JAF Beauty is a service oriented makeup brush & tools manufacturer, who produce artist brush, JAF Brand Makeup Brushes, custom-made brushes, cosmetic and other beauty accessory. Originally established in 2007 by Yong Woo, the JAF Beauty Supply Factory has been creating high quality brushes for over 9 years.