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Overdo your eyebrows?You can be saved by it

Sep 14, 2017

Overdo your eyebrows?You can be saved by it

In order to practice the eyebrow skills, I believe that many self-made women would choose their own eyebrows, and their own eyebrows will always be close to the end of their hearts, but!There will always be a hand to shake the disabled day, so it is everyone's experience to fix their eyebrows.

Eyebrow repair can not be mended to repair, so before hair still does not grow come out, need to rely on the bang of the bang of heavy bang everyday to be able to see person outside, still have what good method?Then rely on "makeup" to get it back.

*Loose Powder

Eyebrow repair is broken, the first step is to want to draw eyebrow, so can use clean pink at the eyebrow place to press small amount of honey powder before drawing eyebrow.

This can help the next eyebrow makeup look more lasting, and also can make eyebrow look more relaxed, this is a step that many people ignore.