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My Yes-to-Makeup Look for Nights Out

Mar 08, 2018

We’re in a major “no-makeup makeup” moment: matte lipsticks, a slight shimmer on the cheek, Glossier ads with girls who don’t look like they’re wearing makeup at all — just enhanced, somehow. I love the look — I even wrote an article about how to best achieve it. And when it comes to my daily makeup routine, I’ve found myself more often than not limiting my product choices so that my makeup looks as natural as humanly possible. But still: this can sometimes feel genuinely oppressive for someone who loves makeup as much as I do. It feels important to sometimes say yes to makeup — to go all in. To do a “yes-makeup makeup” look. I should say: When I say “yes-makeup makeup,” I’m not talking an extreme transformation with cut-crease eyeshadow and full-coverage foundation. I’m talking about something you can wear on a night out or on a day you want a little more glam. And in my opinion, the holiday season is the best time to take makeup risks or try out new products — not only do the holidays call for red and gold accents, but in my experience, winter months can benefit from any sort of brightness as a coping mechanism against the constant, depressing grey. So, here you are. The products I use when I’m saying an emphatic yes to makeup.