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Material used to make a fude

Dec 25, 2017

The features of hair are different according to which part of the body they come from or how they are processed. We have described below the natural hairs we use most for making our brushes.


The price of the hair (an approximate value: the price of a makeup brush) doesn't necessarily correspond or equate to the quality of the makeup brush.
We recommend choosing a hair according to your makeup purposes and tastes, making the most of each hair's features.

Daily care 

Soft, elastic and enduring. Its hair excels at coloration and holds a good amount of powder. Its uses are wide-ranging, from face powder, blush, and highlighting to eye shadow. The nature of hair is different depending on gender and what part of the body it comes from.

Soikoho has softer and more delicate hair than that of Sokoho. It is hard to find and quite rare and expensive.Sokoho is long, thin, and soft. It is ideal for various brushes such as a powder brush, a finishing brush, a blush brush, a highlight brush, and an eye shadow brush.Saichoho is similar to Sokoho but slightly rougher. Easy to form a full shape and excels at coloration.
The short and thin Ototsuho has a nice texture, elasticity and coloration. Particularly good for a blush brush.Jotsumeho is rather rough and elastic, suitable for firm brushing.Yano is water-resistant and suitable for liquid-based products.


The hair of a squirrel is soft and has a nice texture. It holds powder well and is good for highlight brushes, blush brushes, shading brushes and eye shadow brushes. It is neither elastic nor durable. Basically, the hair of squirrels is for powder-based products. Only tree squirrel hair has similar features to that of weasel and is used for cream and liquid-based products.

The tip of blue squirrels' hair is very soft and delicate. It has one of the most pleasant textures among natural hairs. It is used in finishing brushes, powder brushes, blush brushes, and the like. It applies powder softly, but when blended with goat's hair, it applies powder products firmly.The Kazakhstan squirrel's hair is softer than that of the blue squirrel and good for applying 
powder softly. It is quite rare and expensive, and thus used only for eye shadow brushes 
and highlight brushes.
Tree squirrels' hair is similar to that of weasels. It is rather rough and elastic. 
It is mainly used for eye shadow brushes. Also good for liquid-based products.
The pine squirrel's hair tips are soft and delicate but rather difficult to bundle, making it 
good for smudging eye shadow.
The tip of the Canadian squirrel's hair is delicate, easy to shape, and rather elastic. The hair is shorter than that of pine squirrels. It is used for eye shadow brushes and highlight brushes. The material is rare and expensive but very popular among makeup pros because its brushes are easy to handle.


The weasel's hair is delicate, elastic and durable. Good for coloration and holds powder well. It is good for both powder and liquid-based products, it is widely used for lip brushes, eyeliner brushes, concealer brushes and eye shadow brushes.Kolinsky's hair is more delicate than that of the weasel and its tip is thinner and longer, giving it a more pleasant texture. It is especially good for nail sculpture. The material is very rare and expensive.Pahmi's hair is a little tougher and shorter than that of the weasel. It is usually used together with weasel and horse hair.

 Horse / Water
Badger, etc. 

Tamage hair has the most flexible tip, which is easy to control and hasdurability. Especially good at coloration. Suitable for both liquid-based products and powder products. Because the length of the hair is short it is mainly used for eye shadow brushes.Horse hair has a rather harsh texture and is difficult to bundle. As its ample supply makes its price rather inexpensive, it is widely used in the makeup brush market. By blending with other natural hairs, horse hair guarantees elasticity and enduring effects and the more you use it, the more it fits and adapts to your skin. For blush brushes or eye shadow brushes. Our eyebrow brush is made from the mane and tail hair of the horse.Water Badgers' hair has rough, thick and elastic roots while the tip of the hair is very thin. Good for eyebrow brushes.
Synthetic Fiber brush can apply powder products lightly and with good coloration. However, it doesn't hold powder that well so it is better for liquid-based products. For concealer brushes, lip brushes and blush brushes. When blended with other natural hairs it also contributes to making a brush with good shape and features.