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Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes

Feb 03, 2018

While every eye shape is gorgeous—from almond eyes to round eyes to upturned eyes to downturned eyes—when you have hooded eyes, it can often feel more difficult to master certain eye makeup looks. Yep, smoky eyes and winged eyeliner aren’t always as easy as they seem if you have hooded eyes. Plus, not all eye makeup techniques will complement your unique eye shape! Below, find out how to tell if you have hooded eyes and get tips and tricks for applying eye makeup to your lids for your prettiest makeup look yet. C’mon and embrace your eye shape by following our makeup advice for hooded eyes.


Hooded eyes are known for their lack of visible lid space. But why, exactly, is that? Well, when you have hooded eyes, that means the crease created by your eyelid can appear to be hidden. When this occurs, certain eye makeup looks aren’t as easily visible since your eyelid appears to be smaller. However, while some eye makeup looks aren’t as easy to create, there are others that can seriously flatter hooded eyes and help to bring all of the attention to your gorgeous eyes.


Grab a mirror and really examine your eye shape to figure out whether or not you have hooded eyes. Don’t notice a crease? Does skin droop from your brow bone to where your crease should be? If you answered yes to either question, you could have hooded eyes.


Characterized by lids that extend in a crease-free fashion, hooded eyes require the use of a few key makeup techniques to bring a statement eye look to life. Luckily, there are some makeup application tips that you can master to fake the appearance of a larger set of eyes.

1. Prime like a pro. Let’s be real: If you have hooded eyes, then you know better than anyone else just how annoying it is when you achieve the perfect cat eye only for it to smudge onto your upper lid. To help prevent this, use an eye makeup primer first, as this can keep your eye makeup from transferring. You can use a dab of foundation or concealer in place of primer in a pinch.

2. Opt for matte makeup. If you don’t want to draw more attention to your hooded eyes, use matte eye shadow shades on your upper lid, reserving shimmery hues for the lower section directly above your eyeball. Some of our favorite matte shades. You can pair any of these shades together for an allover matte look or add a pop of highlight to the center of your lid just above your upper lash line.

3. Highlight. Use a slightly shimmery, super-light highlighter.

4. Apply makeup with fully open eyes. Since much of your eyelid disappears when it’s open when you have hooded eyes, apply makeup when your eyes are fully open—that way no part of your gorgeous eye shadow disappears.

5. Use waterproof eye makeup formulas. Makeup on hooded eyes has a tendency to smudge, especially when it comes to eyeliner and mascara. Opt for smudge-free formulas to stop makeup from transferring onto unintended areas.


6. Wing your eyeliner. Hooded eyes can sometimes look a bit downturned. To counteract the appearance of that, flick a little eyeliner, up at the edges for an instantly revived winged cat eye.

7. Keep your eyeliner thin. Since you don’t have much lid space to work with on hooded eyes, draw your eyeliner on the thinner side so you still have room for pretty eye shadows.


When you have hooded eyes without a very defined crease, certain eye makeup looks may seem off the table. Luckily, the cut crease fixes that little issue. Known for the way it creates the illusion of an eye-popping crease, this makeup tutorial can help you get the cat eye you’ve always wanted. So, grab your primer, matte eye shadow palette, waterproof eyeliner, and mascara, and follow along.

Step 1: Prime your lids. To help ensure that your eye makeup lasts, use a dab of eye primer for an ultra-smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup application.

Step 2: Fake a crease. Using a pencil eyeliner, draw a line from the outer edge of your eye towards the inner corner. Be sure to wield a heavier hand on the outside and gradually get lighter as you inch towards the inner portion of your hooded eye. Feel free to arch your crease however you see fit, keeping in mind that a rounder edge will give your hooded eyes a doll-like appearance that can help make them appear bigger.

Step 3: Blend it. Before your eyeliner crease fully dries, use a fluffy blending brush to soften the line in an upward motion toward your brow line and the outer corner of your eye. Keep the bottom edge of the line as crisp as possible, as this is a defining characteristic of the cut crease.

Step 4: Trace over your line. With the eyeliner cut crease as your base, choose a non-shimmery eye shadow to fill in over the line of your cut for a gorgeous eye makeup look.

Step 5: Make it smoky. Again, you want to blend for a softer effect that’s similar to a smoky eye.

Step 6: Add color to your lower lid. Apply a shimmery hue that complements your smoky cut crease to cover your lid.


Step 7: Highlight. After you complete your smoky eye, add your final eye shadow elements with the help of a slightly shimmering, light eye shadow to highlight your brow bone and the innermost corner of your eye.

Step 8: Create a cat eye. Like we said, winged cat eyes can be a little tricky to do on hooded eyes. Make it easier by following these steps: Create a line that extends up from your lower lash line and meet it with a diagonal line from the inner corner of your eye to its tip. To finish it off, looking straight ahead with eye wide open, fill in the blank space with more eyeliner.

Step 9: Give your lashes some love. Lastly, just like with any other eye shape, the best way to really perk up your eye makeup look is with a few layers of mascara. Look for a voluminous waterproof formula.