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Makeup tool tutorial (facial brush) | goddess evolu

Aug 31, 2017

Makeup tool tutorial (facial brush) | goddess evolu

I often wonder why I bought a full set of cosmetics and follow the tutorial step-by-step, but always can't draw the ideal makeup?

For example, to painting this effect:


But why does the result tend to be like this?


 Oh...no...This is very rejected...

One of the most important reasons is that the tools you use to make up are too far behind!

Perhaps you like to collect all kinds of eye shadow blush, but never thought to buy a professional brush, and used the small brush that comes with the box.But those are just for you to go out and make up for your makeupand there's no comparison with professional brushesTo give you a primer on brushes.But it's this small step that can make a big improvement in your makeup.


A novice asked

Q1: with what foundation?The hand?Sponge?Or a brush?


[direct use of finger makeup]


Advantage: save money and flour

Disadvantages: not easy to beat, time consuming


triangle sponge or makeup egg

Advantage: the details can be taken care of, the upper hand is convenient, the makeup works clear.

Disadvantages: very heavy foundation fluid, damage speed


foundation brush

Advantage: the upper makeup speed is quick, the makeup effect is good, it is better to retain all the ingredients in foundation fluid

Weakness: brush cleans slightly vexed


So you can choose to use your hands, makeup eggs, or brushes depending on your needs,(This time we're mostly talking about brushes


Q2: what should we have for the brush?Do you need to be as many as you want?


A2: absolutely not!As a daily makeup, face brush you only need a flat head brush, bullet head blush brush, large powder paint enough;The detail brush recommends the Angle eyebrow brush, bevel small eyeliner brush, lip brush.Eye shadow brushes need to be sized by two or three.


Brush with base

What is the shape of a makeup brush that is most suitable for the public.Mainly introduce three kinds of common facial brushes1foundation brush2Blush high gloss brush3powder brush


Foundation brush

The most recommended foundation brush type is: flat top foundation brush, or slightly sloping



Blush high gloss brush

Because to accurately outline the details, blush brush recommends the shape of the bullet, such a brush can also brush highlights, shadows, completely can be used as three.


powder brush

A good powder brush can help you create a foggy makeup and make your makeup look perfect



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