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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Nov 17, 2017

Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world, but it seems like this is the eye color which makes it harder for women to choose what kind of makeup to apply. Women with blue or gray eyes can easily pick makeup with some contrasting colors to their eye color, while women with brown eyes do not have this option, but they have many more. So, if you also have a problem choosing what kind of makeup to apply so it matches your brown eyes, check these makeup tips for brown eyes which will help you deal with this task.

#1 Metallic shades

Women with brown eyes can basically wear all eyeshadow colors, but some of the best which will match the color of their eyes are the metallic shades. They will make the eye color pop and will complement them in the best way possible. If you are wondering what colors to choose, try with metallic brown, gold, bronze, and silver. These colors will best contrast your eye color.

#2 White pencil

The best thing about brown eyes is that you can wear both dark colors and light ones, including white. So, you can wear white pencil instead of the black one. The white color will highlight your brown eyes and will make your look fresher and deeper that usual. You have probably heard about applying white eye pencil in the inner corner of the eyes to open up one’s look. And if you apply white eye pencil on your upper lash line, you will open your look even more. Your eye color will also be dark enough to wear white, unlike blue or green eye color.

#3 Conceal dark circles like a pro

Believe it or nor, women with brown eyes have more difficulty hiding the dark circles under their eyes, because they contrast more than the dark circles women with blue or green eyes have. It is essential to deal with them or at least hide them properly. This will also make your brown eyes pop.

First you need to apply foundation all over your face and only then you should move on to applying concealer. Apply it not just under your eyes, but you need to reach your cheeks. Start from both corners of your eyes and make a triangle the top of which reaches the cheek. Then use a brush or a beauty blender to blend the concealer. This way there will be no harsh lines and the concealer will look naturally on your face.

#4 Eggplant mascara

Lately colorful mascaras have become quite popular, so if you still have not tried them yet, you can do it now by using an eggplant mascara. Purple would enhance the color of your eyes. It will also make them brighter. This also means that you can wear purple eyeshadow to draw the attention to your eyes, especially when you are on a date or somewhere at a bar. Just have fun with it.

#5 Do not forget about the blush

When it comes to applying makeup most women think about eye makeup and they seem to forget the rest of the face makeup. So, it is no wonder that a lot of them forget to apply blush or do not even consider it as a part of the makeup they need to apply. However, blush can really brightens your face and can make a huge difference. And still one needs to match the color of their eyes to the color of the blush. The greatest news about brown-eyed women is that they can choose from a wide range of colors, like pink and red hues which complement brown eyes the best.

#6 When in doubt use Neutral shades

This rule will save your beauty life when you are in a hurry, because you do not need to be very precise when you are applying colors close to your natural Many women with brown eyes think they should not apply brown makeup, or other natural shades, because it will blend with the color of their eyes. And that is why they avoid it. However, when you want to have more of an everyday makeup and both look stylish and enhance your look, try with the neutral shades.

#7 Cobalt blue

If women with blue eyes avoid wearing blue because it would not suit them, however, women with brown eyes will not have any problem choosing blue as their eyeshadow. Brown eyes are strong enough to wear cobalt blue as well, so if you like it as a color you can surely experiment with it. It will make your brown eyes pop and will give somewhat a fresher look to your face. It is a perfect kind of makeup on a night out.