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Makeup brushes do you know

Jan 13, 2017

Makeup brush is popular with girls of all ages in life and brushes also have many a look below it.

If you're eyeliner benzene egg, what eyeliner are not good, then you really need a liner brush, the easiest is to use thin, bent Eyeliner Brush, when you're looking in the mirror when applying eyeliner, will not block your view, weight is also very easy to control. In addition, the angled eyeliner brush has also been more favoured, because it dipped, black eye shadow applied to the eyelashes on the roots and the line between the eyes, very easy to use.

More uniform than a powder puff on makeup, more likely to show smooth skin and makes it soft to eyes, cheek color coordination. If mineral loose powder is used, be sure to use a special mineral paint, dip in circles in the way and in the same way rubbing your face open, were uniformly docile covered by powder on the skin. Professional make-up brushes with bristles is generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair in two ways. Felt full of natural animal hair cuticle, so soft, eat the powder extent saturated, can make the color even docile, and does not irritate the skin.

Eyebrow brush into bristles brow brush and soft two eyebrow brush, soft brow brush dipped in powdered thrush products, bristles brow brushed for thrush products dipped in wax. Hard bristles color better, suitable for use in coloring. Hard brush brow brush is mostly made of bristle, brush head small, short, texture is hard, if you would like to lines for eyebrow shaping eyebrow pencil of nature, not belong to it. Soft bristles brow brushed mostly animal hair, brush head and long, soft, stain better, more even and natural. Used for eyebrow iridescence, and are a good choice.