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Make up for the missteps

Sep 05, 2017

Make up for the missteps

*Draw the wrong line

Don't say is to draw the beginner of the eyeliner, it is the technique again adept also can not avoid the hand shakeThe eyeliner is crooked, rough, bad and dull...

Small coup

Apply the foundation solution with the cotton stick and erase the wrong part.The quality of foundation fluid can be wiped out waterproof eyelinerIt's easy to change and don't need to go back to foundation..If the eyeliner is very thick, you can use a flat head brush with a light eye shadow to sweep the eye line and make your eyeliner look more natural.

*The foundation is too white

If you choose the wrong foundation color Or you choose the color of the right foundation but you get tanned,It will look very white after makeup.

Small coup

You can use a deep foundation as a makeup.Also can choose to use repair powder as local makeupYou need to use transparent powder for high gloss.


A lot of foundation is put after a period of time because oxidize and become gradually yellow or gradually dark, had better be oneself to have depth at once or shallow one time foundation.

*Cheek is red too red

When daub is red, the hand is heavy, appear blushing too attack.

Small coup

If it's not red too much, you can sweep the powder in the place of blush.But if the red is too much, use the sponge from the foundation of the foundation to look at the position of the blush to print a seal, wait for the color to become lighter and then use powder to apply makeup.