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Life-Changing Hacks to Apply Flawless Cut Crease Eyeshadow

Mar 13, 2018

In her latest Beauty Smartie video tutorial, Maria Gomez walks through all the steps to create a cut crease eye makeup look, which is basically like contour for your eyes. And believe me, the end result is absolutely stunning! But unlike other eyeshadow looks, this one is super soft and wearable, perfect if you're going to school or just chilling with your squad.

All you'll need is an eyeshadow primer, a palette with warm, neutral colors, a shimmery eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, mascara, and three brushes, including a crease brush, a flat shader brush, and a pointed detail brush. Watch the tutorial above and you'll be certain to master a stunning neutral cut crease.

"But what about a dramatic cut crease?" Alright, we hear you. With prom around the corner or that big graduation party coming up, you might want to go for a cut crease that's a little more glam. So we asked one of our favorite makeup artists and YouTube starsCydnee Black, just how to nail that smokey, dramatic cut crease. Here are her step-by-step instructions:

How To Apply Cut Crease Eyeshadow

1. Start your eyes with a bare face. This ensures that any fall out from the eye look doesn't mess up your foundation.

2. Apply eyeshadow primer to your lids. When creating a dramatic eye, start with a primer to ensure your makeup stays put.

Then, take a flesh tone eyeshadow color to trace out the cut crease before you define with a darker shade. Find where your actual crease is by pressing the brush into the hollow of your eyelid and lightly run the color against your eye socket line.

3. Take a black eyeshadow shade and lightly trace over the shadow you've just applied. Use a light hand — you can always add more of the black! Starting at the outer corner of your eye and moving in, apply the black shadow along your crease, creating a wing-like shape at the outer corner.

4. Take a clean, fluffy blending brush, to blend the upper edge of your cut crease line towards the eyebrow. Blend in circular motions upward. You want the lower line to remain sharp. The key to getting this look right is to blend everything out. You can always go back in with more black shadow.

5. Use a bronze or gold eyeshadow over your lid being careful not to blend into the black eyeshadow at your crease. You want the black to be more prominent at the crease than the gold.

6. Take a glitter primer that's made for holding glitter  and swipe it over the bronze shadow — but not over the black shadow. Let the glitter primer get tacky for about 90 seconds before adding glitter.

Using the same brush you used for the eyeshadow and glitter primer, press the brush into a loose glitter  and lightly tap on your lid.