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Introducing makeup brush production process

Jan 13, 2017

Now, with makeup technology of constantly progress, makeup products of constantly update, brush of style and function also replacement has, now playing Foundation, main was adopted is most popular of is flat brush has, both can playing powder Foundation, also can playing cream-like Foundation, technique also no longer is using brush side, but used brush head flat push of technique, using flat brush head of part, maofeng soft delicate, playing Foundation natural symmetry, now most hot of is this paragraph. Of course, businesses also have been innovation, new flat angled Foundation brush, also in production, will be even more powerful.

Introducing makeup brush production process

(A) the card. It is ready for work. Regardless of low-end, mid-range or high-end wool, and needs sorting out whole, proceeding out some short hair, lay a good foundation for the next process.

(B) inserting/Pier glass. Single drawn and justify the wool used to plug hair. No Mao feng. Most of the feather is piers made of glass. Pure manual labor, Pier glass quality master and Pier glass technology, directly determines the quality of hair-like.

(C) pressure pipe. This process is limited to flat hair head. Straight pipe without this process.

(D) the glue. Trying to fix the hair and prevent hair loss. Also as a crucial part of this process, plastic little, bond live, easy off hair gel more, easily missed gum, which is defective. Virtually increased the unit costs.

(E) cutting hair/hair. If the pier glass is to determine the basis of hair-like good or bad, then cutting hair is one of the last key. Process of making high-grade brushed, Pier glass cutting hair is a system, and the two are unified.

(F) compatibility. Fur head and needed to handle loading up. Equipped to be dense, seamless. This is a high quality standard.

(G) clean. In front of the Pack, wearing white cotton gloves and finishing brush polished and cleaned.

(VIII) packaging. Into PP bags or cosmetic bag.