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ImproperMakeup Brushes Maintenance that Cause Acne

Nov 16, 2017

There are some things women do daily without realizing that they may be not so innocent for their skin. Unfortunately, sometimes women do not realize that the things they consider insignificant can cause one of the most common skin problems people from all over the world deal with – acne.

There are, for example, people who cannot cure their acne and they try different types of treatments in order to get rid of this problem. The thing that they do not realize is that they need to stop the cause for the problem to solve it. If you have even had to deal with facial zits or acne, then you know how irritating and persistent this problem can be.

If you do not want to deal with it ever again, then we recommend you to check out the list with some of the most common improper makeup brushes maintenance that cause skin inflammations and acne. And you better stop doing them at once.

#1 Not washing your makeup brushes the right way

The first thing that is directly connected to facial skin problems is makeup and more specifically makeup brushes. Women are supposed to know that they need to wash their cosmetic brushes every once in a while in order to protect their skin.

However, they do not know how often to clean their brushes and how exactly. Believe it or not, but these two things are also connected to acne occurrence.

First of all, you need to remember that cleaning your makeup brushes with wet wipes is not enough. They cannot wash them deeply and thoroughly. Instead you need to rinse the cosmetic brushes in some warm water.

You may soak them for a couple of minutes even for better results. Then rub the cosmetic brushes into some soap. Then rub the cosmetic brush into your hand to make foam from the soap on the brush. This way you will wash it better.

You should not forget to wash the center of the cosmetic brush because there are germs there as well and people often forget to wash the deepest part of the brush.

And then you need to rinse the brush with lukewarm water. For better results, and thus cleaner brushes, you may add after that some conditioner and wash the brushes with it. Finally, you need to rinse it with cool water.

You also should not forget to wash your beauty blenders properly. Soak them with water, then add some liquid soap. Make sure the amount of it is enough to cover all the surface of the beauty blender. Then squeeze the beauty blender for a few times to make sure the soap reaches the center of it and to wash it.

Once you have washed the brushes and the beauty blenders, you need to leave them to get dry. Leave them on clean surface or if it is possible, put the brushes hanging with the bristles down.

#2 Not washing your makeup brushes regularly

If you do not want to deal with acne, you not only need to wash your brushes the right way, but you also need to do it regularly. The best way to do it is after each time you use your makeup brushes and beauty blenders, especially when it comes to foundation, primer, and concealer. If you apply some setting powder, or blush, you can do it after its 3rd or 4th use, but still the oftener you wash your makeup tools, the better protected your skin will be.

#3 Not storing your makeup brushes in special containers

After you have washed your brushes well, you also need to make sure you protect them from dust and other microbes. That is why you need to have special containers for them which need to be clean. There are specific beauty blender containers which are the size of an egg. You can put the blender inside and close it. This way you will protect it from dust and germs.

As for the brushes, there are also special containers which you can use, like separate makeup bag, or cone container with a cap. You need to keep the inner part of the storage containers clean as well if you want to keep the makeup brushes clean for longer period. The more secure they are, the less the chance of you having acne is. If you follow these main makeup brushes maintenance rules, your skin will be cleaner.