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How to Choose Between Synthetic & Natural Makeup Brushes

Mar 21, 2017


Natural Brushes
Made of: These brushes are made of natural animal hair, often sable,pony or goat.

Benefits: Natural hair which have great pick-up and blending properties.  The hair is also super soft and makes for easy blending on the face.

Best Uses: Natural brushes are best used for applying Goat Hair Powder Makeup Brush, such as eye shadow, finishing/setting powder and powder-based blushes and bronzers.

Product Recommendations: Goat hair powder BrushBlender BrushContour Brush Natural Brush

Synthetic Brushes
Made of: These brushes are typically made of man-made materials like nylon, taklon or polyester fibers.

Benefits: Synthetic brushes are good for more precise, smooth and streak-free application.  They are great for angled, sharply cut brushes.

Best uses: These faux-hair brushes are ideal for liquid products like foundations, cream blush or gel eyeliner. 

Product Recommendations: Pricise Angled BrushPolishing BrushFoundation Brush