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How To Use Concealer As A Foundation?

Apr 21, 2018

Foundation and Concealer are essential items of any woman’s makeup trousseau. Foundation helps to smooth out the skin tone, hide minor spots and give the face a bright uplift, whereas a concealer is specially designed to take care of the under eye areas to cover dark circles, or spots which the foundation cannot cover fully. Both have different purposes and hence differ in formulation and coverage.

A foundation may differ in coverage and formulations – it may be sheer, low coverage, medium or high coverage and differ in formulations like powder, liquid or creme. Concealers are usually creme or liquid and have different consistency and purposes. Usually concealers are heavier than the foundations and hence they cover the blemishes and spots easily. The sheer ones are usually needed for the under eye areas while the heavier ones are good for covering up tough spots and blemishes.

We do not recommend using a concealer on all the parts of the face as they are usually heavier and applying it all over, would make one look cakey and unnatural. But if you still do want to, here are two ways on how to use concealer and foundation to get it right:

Way 1:

This way is good as long as you do not have a lot of problem areas on your face.

using concealer as foundation


If you generally have good healthy skin, with minor spots or blemishes then you can skip the foundation and just use a concealer. Start with a clean face and measure the areas which need to be concealed. Just apply the concealer on the areas which you feel need coverage like under eye areas, blemishes and spots. Blend them well and use more concealer if required. Then top up with a good setting powder or pressed powder and you are done.

Way 2:

how to use concealer as foundation


This is when you want more coverage from the concealer than just covering up the spots and blemishes. If you do not have a foundation or just want to use the concealer, then this way will work. First clean your face from any oil or dirt. Pat dry the face and apply a good heavy duty concealer on the spots which need more coverage. Then blend in a sheer coverage concealer all over the face.

A sheer coverage concealer is what we use to cover under eye circles and discoloration. After the application, use a setting powder to set the concealer. The sheer concealer will work like a medium coverage foundation. But as concealers usually have oil, it may be difficult to use if you have oily skin. Keep some blotting paper at hand or use an oil controlling powder to set the concealer.

More is less for concealer so use only small amounts, if over applied it may make you look cakey. If you do not have two concealers, just use a sheer coverage one for the whole face and use it separately on the spots.

You don’t have to panic anymore if you have left your foundation back at home!! You might have now got a clear idea on how to apply concealer and foundation.