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How to Use a Foundation Brush

Oct 21, 2017

How to Use a Foundation Brush

When it comes to giving the skin an even tone, nothing can beat the good old foundation. It has been used for decades by women and make-up artistes to give the skin a glowing, flawless appearance. There are generally three ways by which it can be applied to the skin, viz. by hand, sponges, and brushes. Out of these, application is easiest through the hand. Although, when it comes to neatness and full skin coverage, none of the other methods of application even comes close to a brush. Given below are some tips for making the best use of a foundation brush, as well as suggestions on how to care for them so that they last for years.

Tips on Application

For a beginner, it might be slightly difficult to use a brush. However, with practice, this art can be mastered easily.

Start liquid foundation makeup with pouring a small amount of it in your hand. Pick some of the liquid from your hand with one side of the brush, if you want light coverage. Dip in both the sides, if you want fuller coverage.

Next, using broad, downward strokes, blend the makeup onto the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Do not forget to apply it on the neck area, otherwise the contrast between the face and the neck will stand out, giving your skin an uneven look.

In the end, use the small hair on the edges to apply it in the areas which are generally overlooked such as creases of the nose, around the mouth, and hairline.