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How to Turn Any Brush Into a Contour Brush

Nov 07, 2017

It’s no secret that makeup artists are a wealth of knowledge. From eyeliner tips to skin-perfecting tricks, the pros always have a memorable beauty secret to share. This fact becomes even truer when you’re talking about celeb makeup artist andThe Beauty Department co-founder Amy Nadine. She’s shared literally hundreds of makeup tricks on her website, so we weren’t surprised that she started spouting off pearls of beauty wisdom within moments of sitting down to chat. But we were pretty impressed with this insanely smart and easy hack she shared with us.

Keep reading to find out how to turn any brush into a contour brush!

Navigating the world of contour brushes can be a cumbersome task. Master the tools and you’ve managed to add yet other brush to your collection. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as proponents of all things double-duty and multiuse, we’re all about Amy Nadine’s brush trick. If you’ve ever pinched the bristles of your go-to powder or blush brush and used it to apply your contour, you’re going to love this.

While the pinch method works, this is better, and all you need is two bobby pins. To try it, Amy Nadine says, pinch the bristles to flatten the brush shape, but instead of holding them in that position, insert a bobby pin on each side. This holds the bristles in place ,leaving you with makeshift contour brush and both your hands free to use it. It’s that simple.