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How To Shape Your Eyebrows – Step By Step Guide

Nov 25, 2017


If you change the shape of your eyebrows you can change completely the way you look. Your face features and expressions will be different. We have seen many disasters when it comes to eyebrows, so we decided to give you some guiding lines in order to create the perfect shape for them. One of the most important things to take in consideration is the fact that you can work only with what you already have, so it will be a little harder to give shape to thin eyebrows than to thick ones. For the steps, you will need a tweezer and a pencil. Now, check out the picture and the directions below to find the procedure.

1. Locate your starting points: put your tweezer vertically and draw an imaginary line on the outer sides of the ball of your nose until you reach your eyebrows. This is the place where you will start. Take an eyebrow pencil and draw a small line there that will help you know where is the point.
2. Know where your eyebrows will end: lay the tweezer on your face in a way that one end is at the bottom of your nose and the other end is at the outside corner of your eyes. That will be the line where your eyebrow will end. Mark it with the pencil.
3. Find the place where your arch will be: look in the mirror and up of the outside corner of the iris you will have the highest point of your eyebrow. Mark it.
4. Determine the thickness of the brow (usually between a quarter inch and a half inch) and start the work. We hope you will enjoy your perfect stylish eyebrows!