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How To Make Pores Smaller With Makeup – Tutorial And Tips

May 04, 2018

by eshasaxena

Large and open pores often stand in the way of achieving our dream complexion. If you’re among the many others who suffer from enlarged pores and tired-looking skin, here’s the good and the bad news – you can’t make your pores disappear, but you can certainly make them look smaller with a proper skin care regimen and a few makeup techniques. If you’re eager to find out how a little bit of makeup can help in minimizing the appearance of gigantic pores, keep reading!

Besides the three main factors being an oily skin type, your age, and your sex, if you’ve wondered what else causes large pores, here’s a bunch of valid reasons from dermatologists:

  • Genetics are a contributing factor when it comes to your pore size

  • Sun damage and prolonged exposure to sun rays can thicken your skin and lead to bigger pores

  • As you age, your skin loses its elasticity, and this causes it to stretch and sag, making the pores on your face appear larger

  • An excess amount of oil and dead skin cells can clog your pores and cause them to appear larger than usual

  • Blackheads can increase pore size by expanding the area of your pores

How To Minimize The Appearance Of Pores With Makeup

With the right products and a wee bit of professional makeup artist techniques and know-how, you can make your pores look like they’ve disappeared (at least until you have your makeup on).

Here’s a tip that will always come in handy – the key to making your airbrushed complexion believable begins before you even apply your foundation. No matter what products you use on top of your skin to help refine your pores, none will work unless your skin is adequately hydrated first.

Prepping is vital, and this includes cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. You can also use a toner or micellar water to neutralize the skin. Ice also works as a simple yet effective remedy to help shrink large pores before applying your makeup.

Choose skin care and makeup that’s suitable for your skin type. You must use products that are specifically designed to help prime and smooth your skin.

Step By Step Tutorial

Follow the steps to disguise large pores with makeup and achieve a flawless base.

1. Prep Your Skin

Prep Your Skin


Start by washing your face with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Apply an alcohol-free toner or some micellar water to eliminate dead skin cells or other bacteria. Apply a lightweight, hydrating moisturizer. For best results, choose one with Salicylic Acid, which will help make your pores appear smaller. Once you moisturize, give your face at least five minutes before moving on to the primer.

2. Priming Is Key

Take a little bit of your pore minimizing primer and use your fingers to work it deeply into the areas with enlarged pores using circular motions. Next, apply firm pressure with your fingers and gently pat the areas where you applied your primer. This helps to smooth the product out and give your skin a more even, smooth base.

3. Time For Your Foundation

Time For Your Foundation


Use a small stiff brush to work your foundation into areas where you have enlarged pores. Work this brush in a circular motion over the affected areas, so your foundation formula covers the entirety of the pores and does not just skim over the top of the skin. Once you finish this, use a regular foundation brush in stippling motions to go over other areas.

4. Set It With A Powder

Set It With A Powder


Use a powder puff to apply your setting powder. Fold it in half and use firm pressure and roll that powder puff over the skin to deposit the powder right into the pores.

You can do your lips and eyes to finish the look.