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How to make eye shadow

Sep 01, 2017


How to make eye shadow

You don't have to be a beauty guru to have beautiful looking eyes, perfectly sculpted with just the right shades of eyeshadow. Perfecting your shadow routine on your lids is easy with a few quality supplies and a little practice. Try these methods of eyeshadow application and get on your way to being the beauty envy of your friends.


1.Figure out which eye shape you have, so you can learn more about different shading techniques that work best for you.

2. Learn the lingo so you know which part of your eye is what.

3. Learn what all of your brushes are meant to do.

4. Choose the eyeshadow formula that works best for what you want.

5. Don't skimp on primer.

6. If you're looking to make colors seriously ~stand out~, apply white liner before you apply eyeshadow.

7. Figure out which shades of your basic eyeshadow palette are meant for each part of your eye.

8.Use small patting and dabbing motions to apply your all-over shadow color.

9. Practice blending using gentle motions with your blending brush.

10.After applying color to your crease, use windshield wiper motions to soften any harsh lines.

11.Don't be afraid to make a very defined shape first, then blend it so the edges fade away.

12.Or, use an eyeshadow pencil to draw a defined shape first, then gradually blend that out.

13. If you have hooded eyes, practice applying makeup with your eyes open instead of closed so your crease colors are actually visible.

14.The easiest way to both find your crease and control the color? When applying, tilt your head up and look down into the mirror.

15. If you have trouble drawing a neat "outer v", try starting with a hashtag shape.

16.Makeup fallout is inevitable (especially with darker shadows), but there are definitely ways to fix it.

 17. Or, pick up a shadow and mascara shield to hold under your eye as you apply.

18. Keep all your hard work in place with a spritz of setting spray.