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How to Highlight Your Face

Mar 22, 2017

Before you begin:  Apply a base. 

You will need foundation under your highlight and contour, whether you are doing a liquid highlight and contour, or a powder one, you will need a base. Your base depends on the type of contouring and highlighting you are doing, If you are doing a liquid one, your base might be foundation. If you are doing a powder one, your base might be powder.

Start with your basic makeup application, like your foundation and concealer. Then you can do the contouring and highlighting as an extra step.

The Highlight How-To:

How to highlighter by JAF Makeup brushes

(1)  Choose highlighting concealer lighter than foudantion shade

If you want to use a highlighting concealer, like me, grab one that is two to three shades lighter than your foundation shade. 

(2) Highlight under your eyes. 

Start at the inner corner of your eyes and go down to your nose, then go up to the edge of your eye. This should create a triangle shape; then fill that in with products (no need to be cautious or heavy, you’re going to blend this in). Blend with a blending brush, a beauty blender, foundation brush, or concealer brush.

Continue by drawing a thin, straight line down the middle of your nose. Draw a straight line right in the middle of your forehead. Then draw two lines on either side of that other vertical line. These two lines will follow the shape of your eyebrows. 

Blending BrushJAF Blending Brush

Blending BrushJAF Highlighter Brush

Foundation Brush JAFJAF Foundation Brush

(3) Highlight cupbid bow. 

For your cupids bow (just above you upper lip), just follow the natural lines of your face. 

(3) Highlight chin. 

For your chin, you can draw horizontal lines or vertical lines on the highest point of the chin. For the sides of the face draw dots on the high points of your cheek bones, and go in a “C” shape twice down the side, and you’ll naturally hit all the high points.

 Whatever brush or method you choose, make sure it is well blended because the concealer is two to three shades lighter than your foundation shade, so you don’t want white stripes all over your face.

(4) Set the highlighting

Grab a lighter powder than your regular setting powder, and lightly stipple it onto the concealer. Setting this will help your concealer not to crease.

Tips: A translucent powder on a fluffy powder brush all over the face will work great!

Highlight Tips:

Tips 1: Highlighter should be almost the color of your skin. 

Tips 2:  Find a formula that mimics your skin’s texture so it just looks more believable. If you have fair skin, a pearly shade works well, but those with medium and dark complexions need a warmer golden highlighter for a glow that looks natural, not pasty. 

Tips 3: Highlighter can be pressed or loose powder, cream (best applied with your fingers), or concealer. There is no 1 correct product for everyone; you may have to experiment to get the perfect one for you! 

Tip 4: Knowing your face shape is key; you don’t want to over exaggerate any part of your face. Lastly, don’t forget the blush on the apples of the cheeks to put a flush back in!!

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