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How to expand brand business by makeup brush?

Dec 08, 2017


Everyone all like beauty ownself, women pay more attention to their appearance, whether it is a young girl, or four or five years old women, or over sixties old grandmother, every woman likes to appear beauty face and good body Other people in front of a refined, suitable for their age makeup is very important. Young girls to show her sunshine, middle-aged women to show her elegance, older women to show refined. Cosmetics products must have for every girl and women, each different female to use different cosmetics, different lipstick, different eye shadow, different foundation, but the only thing they need is a good makeup brush, although Many people will ignore it, but its role is very importance, let me tell you how to use a good make-up brush to develop your brand business.

Makeup brand is very much, big and small, expensive and cheap, but you are selling cosmetics when the customer is not aware of other needs, such as she bought your cosmetics, she may also want to buy New, reliable and reliable makeup brush, if you can be provided to the customer, for her is not more aspects of it。

1) buy or send makeup brush, which depends on the intention of your seller to play the product, if you want to do promotions, buy the foundation to send the foundation brush, the pursuit of sales, the amount of favorable to the unit price, customers should be like, you can also sales makeup brush on your store , different makeup brush can be recommended in the next to the different cosmetics, so that customers can more easily find it, your business is also a great help. The price depends on the value of your brand and the quality of the product.

2) you sell the makeup brush must be high-quality, and now produced in China make-up brush, the more commonly used synthetic hair and wool 2 #, for ordinary customers has been more than enough, for a brand, whether your company is big or small, be sure to buy high-quality make-up brush to your customers, regardless of wool, aluminum ferrule or handle, make customers feel comfortable and beautiful, good products with bad product cost difference 0.2-0.3usd, but your brand to the customer's impression is indeed bad days do not. Good quality easier for customers to remember you.

3) the choice of materials, ordinary customers choose the makeup brush only concerned about the handle feel, hair softness, will not hit the skin, and will not care about the actual function of makeup, if only for ordinary customers, synthetic l hair with 2 # Wool is good enough, the only difference is that nylon hair is not easy to grasp the powder, some high prices of hair, such as mink hair, unless your customer is very high-end, or not recommended.

4) make-up brush logo, most brands will be printed logo on handle, there are some printed on the aluminum tube, printing on the logo let customers more easily remember your brand, logo printing there are many, you can consult me.

5) packaging, depending on your sales form, PVC box, or PVC bag, paper carton more commonly used, if the supermarket to sell to do a hook box, there are some with a flannel bag