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How To Apply Contour Perfectly

Dec 04, 2017

Contouring the face with a blusher and a bronzer gives you a chiselled face and on the other hand can blunt your sharp features. Contour makeup always depends on the actual shape of your face. If you know where your flaw lines are i.e. which  parts of your face need to be sharpened a bit and which parts need to be made a bit blunt, then you will never have a problem with the use of blusher and bronzer.

Blush is mostly applied for the cheeks and bronzer is applied on the other parts like sides of forehead and chin.

Keeping in mind the 5 major face shapes, I have depicted the contouring makeup process below with lines.

How to contour your face:

1. Heart Shaped Face:

This facial type has a sharp chin and a broad forehead. To accentuate this face type and make it look better by reducing the sharpness of the chin, we need both the bronzer and the blusher. We also need it to work near the cheek bones as they are very sharp.


a. Start with the blusher. Suck you cheeks in and use the blusher in a slanted V shape covering the hollows of cheek to half way of the cheek bones like shown in the picture.


b. Use a bronzer on the sides of the fore head with a small brush like shown in the picture till above the eye brows. This will minimize the broadness of the forehead and create a shadow effect.


c. Now with a small brush use some bronzer near the chin in a curved form like shown in the above picture. This will minimize the sharpness of the chin.


2. Rounded Heart Shaped Face or almost Round Face:

This is another typical face shape where the chin line is not very sharp but the forehead is broad giving an almost round shape to the face but not very round either.


a. Start with a blusher and suck your cheeks in. Here we are using a blush on the cheek hollows and also over the cheek apples. You can use two different colours of blusher here. For the hollows, you can use a darker shade and on to the cheek apples, a lighter shade than your skin tone. Covering the whole of cheek bones and the hollows will make this face look sharper at mid portion.


b. Swipe the bronzer in straight lines coming down from top center of forehead to the eye brows at the two sides. This will create a shadow effect and make your forehead look leaner and not broad.


c. If your chin portion is not sharp, you need not contour the chin. If it is a bit protruding, then use bronzer on the extreme ends of the chin just a little in a curved form. This will minimize the sharpness of the chin.


3. Oval Face:

This is a very common face shape and most Indian women have this face shape. This face shape is not round; neither has a sharp chin line and may have a broad forehead. The focus should be on to making the chin line sharp and also the nose bone.


a. Suck cheeks in and use the blusher on the hollows.You can consider a deeper shade of blush here. Follow up to cheek bones almost entirely like in the picture shown above. You can apply a lighter shade than you skin colour to cover the cheek bone portions.


b. Use the bronzer with a small brush in a small triangle shape on the forehead at sides like in the diagram.


c. Use the bronzer at the sides of the chin like shown in the picture.


d. Use a bronzer or blush on both the sides of the nose bone to give the nose sharpness.


4. Elongated Face:

This is another typical face shape. Women with an elongated face shape find it real hard to contour their cheeks and forehead properly as the aim here is to make the shape more oval and blunt.


a. Start with a Blusher and use it on the sucked cheek hollows in such a way that you drag the brush near the mouth portion upwards near the ears. Do not shadow too much. Avoid full coverage of the cheek bones. Follow the pictorial reference. Using one colour is good enough. Lighter shades will do best, avoid  dark shades even for cheek hollows.


b. Use Bronzer on the sides of the forehead in a triangle shape like shown in the picture. This creates a shadow effect and minimizes broadness of the forehead to a certain extent.


c. Use a bronzer on the chin covering almost half the chin horizontally like shown in the picture. This will minimize the length of the face.


5. Squarish Face:

Another typical face shape where the breadth of the forehead and the chin area is almost the same where the chin is not very sharp. Here the focus should be to make the forehead a bit smaller to give it a rounded shape and soften the jaw line.


a. Apply the bronzer on the sucked cheek hollows near the mouth and keep moving straight up covering the cheek bones half horizontally from the ear side. Refer the lines at the cheek. Use Bronzer at the sides of the cheek at the bottom. Refer to the blue area. This will help soften the sharp jaw line which makes the face appear squarish.


b. Use some bronzer again in a curved shape till half above the start of eye brows at the forehead. Refer pink lines of the diagram at the forehead.


c. Use the Bronzer at the bottom most area of the chin.


Depending on the shape of your nose, you may or may not sharpen the nose using a bronzer at the two sides of the nose bone.


Hope you found this article informative! Happy Contouring.