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How to Clean an Eye Makeup Brush

Oct 31, 2017

How to Clean an Eye Makeup Brush


Makeup is every girl's favorite. And the key to right makeup applications is not only the technique you use, but also the brushes. Has your skin being breaking put often? And do you also apply makeup? Dirty brushes may be the problem; you can easily clean them.

Method 1 Edit Being Aware of the Skin Problems


1:Know how dirty brushes affect your skin.

Makeup brushes come in touch with our skin every time we apply it. And as humans we sweat; if you're out and about then your face to face with pollution, dirt, grime and all other things that we go through. When you re-apply your makeup, you may be dabbing your powder brush through the powder and patting your entire face with it almost every time you powder again.

2:Be aware that through this process of continuous applying and reapplication of makeup, your brush too gets dirty and damaged. 

This unhygienic method results in pimples and boils on the face.

3:Remember to clean your eyes, too. 

No one wants an eye infection on the day you want to look stunning!